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TAGLine: Treatment Action Group's Biannual Newsletter

HIV Treatment Bulletin (HTB): HIV i-Base's Newsletter

Other publications:


Clinical Trials: a Community Guide to HIV Research
A resource on how clinical trials work, why they are important, understanding the results and the role of the advocate in research.

HIV Meds
Each med described with links to patient and prescribing info.

HIV Cure Resources
A listing of articles, reports, websites and ongoing clinical trials related to the research effort to cure HIV infection.

HIV Cure Research Fact Sheet

The Immune System, HIV, and Aging
This report outlines current scientific knowledge regarding the immunologic connections between HIV and aging, and provides an introduction to some of the unresolved questions that are being addressed—or need to be addressed—by research.

Michael Palm HIV Basic Science, Vaccines & Prevention Project Weblog
Written by Richard Jefferys, this blog provides an opinionated - but informative - take on research in these areas, with a particular focus on the scientific literature and relevant conference presentations.

Toward Comprehensive HIV Prevention Service Delivery in the United States: An Action Plan


1st Hepatitis C Virus World Community Advisory Board Report
The 1st HCV World CAB met in Bangkok, Thailand, February 22–25, 2014. During the meeting, 38 activists from 22 countries held the first global LMIC-focused dialogue with pharmaceutical companies that produce HCV treatment.

Activists – Updated Training Manual for Treatment Advocates: Hepatitis C Virus & Coinfection with HIV
The purpose of the training manual is to provide information that can be used to advocate for access to, prevention and diagnosis of, and care and treatment for, hepatitis C virus (HCV). The manual is written by and for people who aren't medical specialists. It's by treatment activists who learned about HCV because it was a problem in their communities.

Activist Strategies for Increasing Access to HCV Treatment in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
presents a number of key strategies through real-world case studies and shows how strategies used to combat the AIDS epidemic can be—and have been—adapted to increase HCV treatment access.

Hepatitis C Treatment Factsheets
These fact sheets describe how each drug should be used, how likely treatment is to be successful, common side effects, drugs that cannot be used with each HCV protease inhibitor, and information about co-pay assistance and patient assistance programs.

Guide to Clinical Trials for People with Hepatitis C
There are many new hepatitis C drugs being studied in clinical trials. People with hepatitis C have many options to choose from. Whether you have hepatitis C or another medical condition, deciding to participate in a clinical trial can be complicated. Having more information can help you decide whether or not to participate in a clinical trial, and which trial, or trials, may be right for you.



The Ascent Begins: Tuberculosis Research Funding Trends, 2005—2016

Breathing Life into Flatlined U.S. Government Funding for Tuberculosis Research: FY 2017–2020 Allocations and Recommendations

An Activist's Guide to Tuberculosis Drugs
This guide provides a brief summary of safety and efficacy data for drugs currently in use for TB.

An Activist’s Guide to Bedaquiline (Sirturo)
This guide highlights important safety and efficacy data and offers advocacy recommendations for activists.

An Activist’s Guide to Delamanid
The guide describe what activists—including people with TB, researchers, and doctors who treat TB—can do to help ensure access, fair pricing, and further research.

An Activist’s Guide to Linezolid
The guide describe what activists—including people with TB, researchers, and doctors who treat TB—can do to help ensure access, fair pricing, and further research.